Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to acquire the much-coveted FFXIV Blackjack Mount! If you’re aiming to add this majestic mount to your collection, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Not only will we navigate through the steps to unlock it, but we will also dive into some gameplay tips that can enhance your FFXIV experience. Whether you are a veteran player or new to the realm of Eorzea, this guide has something for everyone. Get ready to saddle up and take the skies with your very own Blackjack Mount!

What is the FFXIV Blackjack Mount?

The Blackjack Mount in Final Fantasy XIV is a nod to the iconic airship helmed by Setzer Gabbiani from Final Fantasy VI. It stands out in the vast array of mounts available in the game, not just for its impressive design, but also because it serves as a flying testament to the player’s achievements in-game. Acquiring the Blackjack Mount is akin to earning a badge of honor, showcasing your dedication and skills in navigating through Eorzea’s challenges.

How to Unlock the Blackjack Mount

Unlocking the Blackjack Mount involves a series of steps, often tied to specific in-game activities or achievements. Follow these key phases to bring this magnificent mount into your repertoire.

Step Requirement Description
1 Join a Free Company Ensure you’re part of a Free Company that participates in Airship Ventures and Expeditions.
2 Participate in Airship Ventures Engage in collaborative missions, contributing resources and strategy to aid your Free Company’s success.
3 Achieve Specific Rankings Aim for top performance in Free Company rankings to earn special credits and rewards.
4 Exchange for Mount Use your earned credits to exchange for the Blackjack Mount at the Free Company Quartermaster.

Gameplay Tips for Using the Blackjack Mount

Having the Blackjack Mount is more than a status symbol; it’s also a fantastic tool that can enrich your gameplay. Here are some tips on how to maximize your experience with this mount:

  • Explore New Heights: Take advantage of the mount’s flying capabilities to discover hard-to-reach places and secret areas across Eorzea.
  • Participate in Mount Races: The Blackjack Mount is not just for show; use its sleek design and speed to compete in FFXIV’s mount races.
  • Screenshot Heaven: Its unique look provides ample opportunities for stunning screenshots. Share your adventures on social platforms or with your Free Company mates.
  • Improve Social Standing: A mount like the Blackjack can serve as a conversation starter, helping you forge new friendships or alliances.


Acquiring the FFXIV Blackjack Mount is a rewarding endeavor that signifies your commitment and achievements within the game. By following the steps outlined above and utilizing the gameplay tips, you’re well on your way to owning this emblematic mount. Remember, the journey to unlocking the Blackjack Mount is as thrilling as the adventures you’ll embark upon once it’s yours. Soar high and let the winds of Eorzea propel you towards new horizons!

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