Seeking alternatives to Blooket that are just as engaging and educational? You’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll explore some exciting games like Blooket, diving into their rules and how to play each one. Whether you’re a teacher looking for new classroom activities or a student wanting to spice up your study routine, these Blooket alternatives will surely provide hours of fun and learning.


Gimkit is a game-show-style learning game created by a high school student. In Gimkit, players earn virtual currency by answering questions correctly, which they can spend on power-ups and advantages within the game. It’s perfect for reviewing material before a test or reinforcing concepts throughout the year.

How to Play

  • Create or join a game using a code provided by the teacher.
  • Answer questions correctly to earn in-game currency.
  • Spend your earnings on power-ups or saving them to impact the game later.
  • The player with the most currency at the end wins.


Kahoot! is another popular classroom game that promotes learning through quizzes. Users can create their own quizzes or choose from millions of pre-made ones, covering virtually any subject matter. Kahoot! encourages competitive gameplay with its lively music and colorful interface.

How to Play

  • Join a game with a game PIN shared by the presenter.
  • Select the correct answer to questions from multiple choices displayed on the main screen.
  • Earn points for speed and accuracy.
  • The highest-scoring players dominate the leaderboard.


Similar to Kahoot!, Quizizz offers a self-paced review game where students compete to climb the leaderboard. However, Quizizz allows students to proceed through questions at their own pace, making it a great option for homework or asynchronous learning sessions.

How to Play

  • Enter the game with a link or code from the teacher.
  • Answer questions at your own pace. Immediate feedback after each question helps reinforce learning.
  • Check the leaderboard periodically to see your ranking.

Comparison Table

Game Style Pacing Unique Feature
Gimkit Game-show Mixed In-game economy
Kahoot! Quiz show Fast-paced Competitive with music and visuals
Quizizz Self-paced quiz Self-paced Feedback after questions

Exploring games like Blooket offers a fresh twist on learning, making it fun and interactive. Whether in a classroom setting or lying on your couch at home, these games provide both educators and learners with dynamic ways to review and reinforce knowledge. So why wait? Dive into any of these engaging platforms and experience the joy of learning like never before!

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